About Us

We strive for excellence in the delivery of innovative solutions to the construction, mining, civil engineering and the oil & gas industries


TCM was formed in Europe in the mid-2000's and now boasts offices in Sydney and Hong Kong. The solution is deployed on 90+ contracts across three continents.  TCM has been used by a range of organisations from single sub-contractors running single contracts to multi national organisations with multiple companies & brands, many concurrent contracts across multiple currencies, languages and timezones.

With TCM,  organisations are running contracts more profitably and effectively. High visibility across an organisation's activities is providing less risk, higher productivity and ultimately, a better bottom line!  From Executive Management to on-site project managers & coordinators, TCM is helping organisations improve the way they do business.
Continued investment in product development, technology, people and support capabilities allows TCM to continue to deliver exciting, sophisticated solutions to meet the ever increasing demand for cutting edge technology in contract management.


At TCM we strive for excellence in our delivery of innovative solutions and services to enable our clients to be more productive, profitable and to proactively manage risk. TCM aims to become the industry standard in all contract management solutions. We continue to streamline and adapt our product to specific industry needs and in so doing, empowering our client base to prosper.  One of TCM's core values is to to be totally transparent to all of its clients and partners.