You can be up and running and realising benefits in a matter of days with no investment in additional technology

Being a cloud solution enables TCM to be implemented very quickly within an organisation without the need for long lead times to procure technology.  TCM will guide you through some very simple steps to ensure the transition is simple and straightforward.

4 simple steps to transform your organisation

  • Define your company structure and branding
  • Define locations, timezones and languages
  • Define your Key Performance Indicators
  • Agree standard roles in your organisation.

Once these 4 steps are complete you are free to manage as many contracts as you choose.  For a simple organisation this process can be completed within hours.

TCM will also partner management consultancies, professional services organisations and consultancy firms to deliver TCM and its benefits to their customers.

Once implementation is complete you are not on your own.  TCM will be there to help you as you start to realize the benefits.

Online Support

TCM provide on line help and getting started guides for all the features.  We also provide an online Help Desk that holds FAQ's, release notes, news and allows customers to submit questions and requests.  We also provide email support.


We will provide your organisation with the training required to ensure you realise the maximum benefits possible. We believe in the "Train the Trainer" method. We will fully train your staff and give them the resources and capability to train further staff, allowing your company to work self-sufficiently.