Our consultants will ensure you have the right advice and support through all stages of our engagement

Consultancy services

TCM offers a number of consultancy services to support its customers. We have experience across areas including:


  • TCM implementation, change management & process redesign

  • Project management best practice
  • Project management office mobilization and
  • Cloud solution design, development and implementation.

TCM implementation, change management & process redesign

The team offers a comprehensive consultancy service with full visibility, accountability & responsibility for delivery. Our consultancy service provides experienced professionals with deep industry knowledge who will personally steer a project from the initial ‘scope of work’ through to delivery, transition and beyond.

The rapid deployment and focused delivery methods used ensure outcomes exceed expectations.  Close partnering throughout the life of the implementation means our solutions are often one step ahead of the problem.
 This ongoing relationship translates to a solution that operates at optimum levels as updates and enhancements are implemented with minimal disruption. TCM currently services clients in more than nine countries with the solution being employed to manage contract risk and provide value chain analysis through activity-based costing models to substantiate rebates and claims.

Project management best practice

TCM can help organisations significantly improve project management methods by analysing the ‘as is’ methods and recommending a ‘to be’ methodology aimed at improving risk management, productivity and performance. Information needs to be transparent and highly visible and this needs to be embedded in best practice methods.

It is these methods that were the foundation behind the TCM solution.

Program management office (PMO)

TCM can mobilise a PMO to provide centralized governance and control over multiple projects. This will facilitate the adoption of standard processes, procedures, methods and documentation across all contracts.  It will also ensure the risk management and project tracking mechanisms are standardized across your organisation.  Management and governance of contracts will become more streamlined and efficient, releasing valuable resources to concentrate on delivery and not reporting and administration.

Cloud solution design, development & implementation

TCM provide leading edge design and delivery of solutions using the latest cloud technologies. We understand that not one size fits all and we are able to work with customers to deliver specific cloud based solutions tailored to a specific need.
TCM use a model of 'right sourcing' to blend on shore and off shore resources to ensure solutions are extremely cost effective.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.