Successful contract management needs effective planning, tracking & management
TCM provides high visibility across all these phases

Product Features

  • Planning
  • Tracking
  • Management


The better the planning and preparation the better the outcome for the contract. The following are some of the features TCM provide to ensure this happens.

Drag and drop your team members into their roles and they will automatically have access to all the functions they need to fulfil their role.
BENEFITS: Once a contract has been awarded your team can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Your teams can work across many contracts as required.
Zonal Breakdown
Quickly define your levels, zones or geographical areas.
BENEFITS: Enables the highly visible tracking and analysis of progress and performance against the breakdown.
Contract & Work Breakdown Structure
Break the contract down into its component parts. Define start and end dates, quantities, milestones, KPIs, financials etc.
BENEFITS: This breakdown is the key to analysing the performance of the contract against plan. Enables accurate tracking and provides early warnings of potential failure.
Baseline & Schedule
Once the initial contract is loaded, numerous iterations of the baseline can be managed as a result of events such as replanning, delays, changes and variations.
BENEFITS: Enables visible tracking against the original plan. Indisputable evidence for claim substantiation.
Resource & Plant Management
Load up all Contractors, Sub Contractors & your team resources, and specify plant and machinery.
BENEFITS: Enables accurate, visible tracking of human resources and financials for accurate budgeting and early warning. Multiple currencies supported.
High level cashflow can be specified to allow the team to manage this within a single solution.
BENEFITS: Provides accurate and transparent cashflow reporting with reports such as a classic s-curve.


Once your planning is complete you will be in execution phase. This is where TCMs unique but simple process allows you to accurately record activities. The reporting and tracking is automated by TCM and allows the team to deliver.

These are the features that will make this happen:

Allocation Management
Daily activities are recorded via an Allocation. These are pre-populated from the plan and record resources, work completed plus any additional information such as issues, photos, and attachments. These can be entered in the office, on site via phone or tablet. These take seconds to capture and provide the factual information that drives the management process.
BENEFITS: The timely and accurate input of this data provides powerful analytics. Highly visible and easy to access dashboard graphs will show exactly how far ahead or behind the contract is tracking. It also provided auditable records in the event of a claim and allows analytics such as the measured mile.
Contract Document Management
Manage any document, from Design Sign Offs to Site Diaries, Safety Reports, NCRs, SI, Notification of Delay etc. Customised templates ensure your organisational standard is adopted. Content is electronically stored, distributed and available for searching, analysis, tagging and shareing.
BENEFITS: This provides a powerful document management solution that gives instant access. This feature is particularly useful at times of dispute and claims when analysing large volumes of documents. This takes the paper out of ring binders and into the cloud.
Variation Management
Variations are managed to allow the tracking of activities whether approved or not. Variations are managed in the same way as standard contract and work items and granular information is captured and reported on.
BENEFITS: Provides accurate, easily accessible information for substantiation of contract variation claims.
A very simple way to record time in which resources start and finish work. Enter directly, import or take from another timesheeting system. This allows the analysis of performance of individuals and groups against the plan. It also highlights inaccuracies in time recording.
BENEFITS: Provides a true record of hours worked and productivity levels against contract breakdown.
Risk Management
Have early warning and high visibility of all aspects of contract activity. It could be schedule slippage, low productivity and overspend.
BENEFITS: TCM ensures you see the truth and provides you the opportunity to take corrective action.


TCM delivers powerful fact based operational & management reporting. These reports can be delieverd in various formats(PDF, excel etc.) and required time to all levels of the organisation. Ad hoc analysis is also available to gain insights into the business across all contracts allowing peer comparisons and bench marking to support analysis such as the measured mile in claims scenarios.

Dashboards are presented at login to deliver highly visible information about contract performance. These include work over-runs, delayed work, variations, un-approved work etc. By simply clicking on high level dashboard items TCM drills to the actual data driving the dashboard items.
BENEFITS: Provides easy, instant access to highly visual dashboard data to manage multiple aspects all on one screen. Powerful analytical tool for managing contracts on multiple projects in multiple locations around the globe.
Management Reporting
TCM has a suite of built-in, online reports ranging from High Level Contract Dashboards (covering productivity, risk management, financials & performance against the plan) to activity reports supporting claims and disputes. All reports have the ability to filter, sort and tailor the specific needs. Users can also subscribe to reports that will be delivered to your inbox whenever it is required, whether daily, weekly or monthly.
BENEFITS: Comprehensive accurate and timely reports provide early warnings for impending problem areas. Big picture overviews or detailed reports on specific aspects of a contract.
Business Intelligence and Detailed Analysis
TCM comes with the option of a powerful analytical environment where users can interact with the information and drill down and across to identify trends, develop peer comparisons and ultimately understand performance and productivity across the organisation at a new level.
BENEFITS: Powerful tools for future forecasting, problem solving, bench marking and what if analysis.