Why Use TCM?

The benefits are clear

Below are a  number of the benefits TCM can deliver in a wide variety of scenarios from enterprise transformation to site specific issues

Challenge: Enterprise Transformation

An organisation had a complex business structure, a large number of concurrent contracts running across multiple timezones, currencies and languages.  The organisation had little control and visibility over the performance of its contracts, until it was too late.  The organisation wanted to introduce a standard way to plan, design, track and execute contracts on a single platform.  TCM was implemented across all of its business units and is now the standard solution for contract management.

Challenge: Poor Productivity

TCM analytics highlight low production levels that predicted a 3 month slippage very early on in a contract. Resource levels were re-calibrated and the 3 month delay was avoided. Damages for the delay would have resulted in the contract making a loss.

Challenge: Contract Valuation

A large-scale construction contract was loaded into TCM and this highlighted an error in the quantities leading to a substantial variation being agreed before the works began.

Challenge: Contract Negotiation

TCM analytics provided benchmarking and insight into the performance of various contractors and sub contractors.  This powerful information that was previously not available enabled the organisation to better negotiate rates and terms with its suppliers.

Challenge: Buddy Punching

TCM highlighted discrepancies in sub contractor hours and productivity rates.  The early detection was investigated and the root cause was found to be Buddy Punching. Early detection resulted in significant claims and recovery of the slippage.

Challenge: Contractor Failure

TCM identified a contractor that was losing money and the client proactively worked with contractor to address the issue thus avoiding potential disruption on site down the line.

Challenge: Claims Substantiation

A team STOPPED using TCM due to time and resource pressures. A poorly performing contractor was not detected early and the resultant claim could not be substantiated. Losses equalled the cost of TCM for the whole region for that company.

Challenge: Open Book Contract

TCM was used to manage a contract on a cost plus basis that dramatically improved the working relationship between organisations. No variations were experienced.