Frequently Asked Questions

Implementation & Users

Q: How many users can I have on TCM?

You can allocate as many users as you like as this is self managed once your account has been set up.

Q:What types of organisations would use TCM?

Many different organisations will benefit from using TCM.  Multinational organisations running large scale contracts, consultancy firms providing management and services to its customers to small sub contractors running single contracts at a time.  Regardless of size, if you are managing projects and delivering contracts you will benefit from using TCM.

Q: How do I install and access TCM?

As TCM is a cloud solution all you need is an internet enabled device.  You can access TCM via a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Q: What if I have a complex business structure, contracts across timezones, different currencies and languages?

When your account is created TCM will build in your organisational structure, including multiple brands.  TCM supports multiple languages, time zones and currencies within the same organisation.

Q: How long does it take to implement TCM?

Your account can be created in a matter of hours and once established you are ready to run as many contracts as you need.   As TCM is a cloud solution you will not have to wait for long lead times to procure expensive IT Infrastructure.

Q: What happens if I want to restrict users to only see specific information.

TCM comes with a sophisticated security model that ensures users only see what they are allowed.  This is role based so, for example, Senior Managers would see more information than Site Coordinators.  You are able to identify, define and manage what roles you have and what they can access.

Q: How do I get help?

TCM has a support desk, on line help and our consultants can guide you through any questions.

Data, Ownership & Integration

Q: How much data can we store?

There is no limit to the number of contracts or documents you can store.  TCM is fully scalable.

Q: Is our data owned by TCM.

No - you own your business data and this is fully secured, backed up and protected.

Q: How can we trust the cloud?

TCM use the worlds leading cloud providers and we always use the latest technology.  Your data is totally secure & safe.

Q:  I want to integrate TCM with another system such as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or a site entry security access system for timesheets.   Is this possible? How difficult will it be to accomplish?

There are options available for integration and TCM can  integrate with most systems, and you can easily import and export information from TCM now.  This can be discussed at time of implementation.

Data Entry & Mobile Functionality

Q: Our staff will not do the data entry.  What are the options?

This is a common challenge when implementing new solutions.  Typically when people see just how easy it is to use TCM they realise it will actually save them time and they will adopt the change.  Change management is a key aspect of any move to a new solution and TCM will help you through this.

Q: Our workers are time poor. 

We have found that users quickly adopt TCM and use its functions.  For example, the simple taking of a photo on site via a phone that automatically gets loaded to the contract repository actually saves time.  TCM increases efficiency and releases people from reporting and tracking manually so people have more time to deliver.